Supercoat Tanking Membrane System

Waterproof vs Water Resistant

The distinction between a waterproof coating and a water resistant coating is an important one. Supercoat™ Acrylic Paints and Textures are water resistant in the sense that they will not allow water as a liquid, to pass through them. Under normal atmospheric conditions the microscopic pores of the water resistant Acrylic coating are too small to allow liquid water to pass through them, provided always, they have been applied to an area where a sufficient fall provides adequate run off to avoid water pooling. Water resistant coatings will however, allow water vapour to pass through these pores when in a gaseous state. This enables internal moisture vapour, such as steam from cooking or washing and vapour from breathing etc., to escape the building, whilst preventing rain from entering. Most wall and floor surfaces benefit from NOT being waterproof, but simply being water resistant. By contrast, a waterproof coating has no pores to allow water liquid or vapour to pass. Supercoat™ Tanking Membrane is fully waterproof and therefore only suitable for selected wet areas, such as decks, parapet or balustrade tops, upper surfaces of sills, bathrooms, laundries or kitchen surfaces. Elsewhere, it is critical that only water resistant breathable coatings are used to avoid the problems caused by a build up of internal moisture.


Supercoat™ Tanking Membrane

Supercoat™ Tanking Membrane is a liquid applied membrane for use in sealing and waterproofing a variety of exposed substrates. This membrane is particularly useful where substrates are subjected to weather, or areas subject to pooling of water or dampness. In some applications it is reinforced with Supercoat Tanking Mesh, a fine nylon netting fabric. Supercoat™ Tanking Membrane has been Appraised for use over Treated Timber Ply, Concrete Block, Concrete Tilt Slab, Fibre Cement Board, Coloursteel, Galvanised Iron, Zincalume, Steel and Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC).


Supercoat™ Tanking Membrane Keycoat

This product has aggregate added to aid bonding of subsequent layers of render and texture products. It can be applied directly to most surfaces, or as a top coat to Supercoat™ Tanking Membrane.


Supercoat™ Reinforcing Mesh

This is a fine polymer mesh fabric that the applicator embeds into the first Supercoat™ Tanking Membrane layer and completely conceals with the second and third coat. The Supercoat™ Tanking Fabric reinforces the coating system and provides greater resistance to movement. Its embedment and concealment ensures the correct system thickness of Supercoat™ Tanking Membrane is applied.


Supercoat™ Deckshield

Supercoat™ Deckshield is a 100% Acrylic Thixotropic paste with graded aggregate for use on decks and roofs where general foot traffic may be expected. Deckshield is to be used as a final coat for Supercoat™ Tanking Membrane.