Supercoat AAC Superbond Adhesive

Supercoat AAC Superbond Adhesive is a high quality strong adhesive comprised of graded sand, Cement, Calcium Carbonate, strengthening and performance additives. This is a dry mixed product for use as a Structural Thin Bed Adhesive specifically designed for Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) substrates. Supercoat AAC Superbond is used for adhering AAC Blocks & Panels in Commercial and Residential Applications.


Supercoat AAC Superbond Adhesive is normally applied direct to the substrate using a broad knife, notched trowel or dredge at a thickness of 2 - 3mm, Blocks & Panels must be spray misted using water prior to application in hot conditions, then rubbed together to ensure a strong bond has been created.

AAC Superbond