Supercoat Roof Coating Systems

High Performance Coating System for every roof type...

Supercoat™ high build Protective Coating Systems are not just paint! They are Long Life Protective Coating Systems that consist of 4 different systems which have been specially formulated for each roof type.


The Supercoat™ range of High Performance Protective Coating Systems incorporate state of the art technologies which include;


  • Fungal inhibitors to inhibit organic growth.
  • Bullet proof ceramic pigments that stop ultra violet damage and fade (colour darkens with age).
  • Elastomeric, exceptional durability, excellent resistance to thermal expansion & contraction.
  • The power of Styrene to create a super adhesive bond to all coatable substrates.
  • Teflon technology provides extended durability and a highly effective self cleaning system.
  • Environmentally friendly low VOC - Ecoclean Technologies™.

    Supercoat™ has a life expectancy of 25 years when applied by a registered applicator in accordance with our specifications.


    The Supercoat™ range of Protective Coating Systems will protect and beautify providing unprecedented longevity.



    Ceramicoat System - Concrete Tiles

    The Supercoat™ Ceramicoat System, formulated to restore worn concrete tiles that have lost their original slurry coat (all concrete tiles were originally coated), thus restoring the integrity and avoiding further deterioration. Ceramic pigments provide a durable colour fast finish, this advanced technology is used in the Supercoat™ Ceramicoat Basecoat and Ceramicoat Topcoat - 2 coat system wet film thickness 666 microns.


    Elastotex System - Press Metal Tiles

    The Supercoat™ Elastotex System was formulated for retexturing Pressed Metal Tiles where stone chip loss and a weathered topcoat has occurred, using an environmentally friendly synthetic rubber chip the texture is restored to new condition, this system is comprised of the Supercoat™ Elastotex Basecoat and Elastotex Topcoat - 2 coat system wet film thickness 733 microns.


    Steelcoat System – Coloursteel

    The Supercoat™ Steelcoat System was formulated specially for faded and striped Coloursteel roofs. Steelcoat is a premium self etching high build 1 coat system with a wet film thickness 250 microns.


    Galvcoat System - Galvanised Iron

    The Supercoat™ Galvcoat System was formulated to protect and beautify unpainted galvanised iron roofs (can be used on stable previously coated roofs). The system consists of Supercoat™ Galvcoat Primer and a high performance high build gloss topcoat - 2 coat system with a wet film thickness of 450 microns.



    Concrete Tiles

    PMT - Pressed Metal Tiles

    Colour Steel

    Galvanised Iron