Supercoat Textured Finishes

Supercoat™ Acrylic 1 & 2mm Textures

Supercoat™ 1 & 2mm Textures are formulated using 100% Acrylic Thixotropic paste with graded aggregate for use over Supercoat™ base coats. We use the highest quality graded 1mm (maximum diameter) texture aggregates sourced locally in New Zealand, the product is very creamy and easily applied for that perfect monolithic acrylic textured finsih.


Supercoat™ Hoppertex

Supercoat™ Hoppertex is a thick, high solids, Acrylic texture coat which can be used on commercial/industrial/residential buildings, fences or sound barriers. Supercoat™ Hoppertex is usually applied by conventional hopper gun to the wall to create a range of textured finishes.


Supercoat™ Superadobe

Adobe is the term used to describe the wobbly, undulating, imprecise plaster rendered surfaces seen around the world on uneven substrates, like stone, mud brick, straw bale, timber and thatch. These uneven adobe surfaces are found on old French farmhouses, Spanish ranch homes, African mud huts, English cob cottages, Kansas turf homes, Mexican haciendas and Scottish crofts, to name just a few. The difficulty with matching this appearance on a perfectly flat substrate, is that there will need to be thin patches and very thick patches to create the undulation. These different areas dry out at different rates and this differential drying can cause shrinkage cracking in traditional adobe plasters. To resist this, Supercoat™ Superadobe has been formulated to even out the drying rates and allow enough elasticity to let the thinner areas dry earlier, without breaking away from the wetter thicker patches.

The Applicator sweeps the product into peaks and troughs using random swirl and scooping action off the trowel. Whilst damp, the sharp ridges can be sponged off to give a soft rolling undulation to the surface if required.


Supercoat™ Supersponge 1 & 2mm

Supersponge is a graded calcium sand, Portland cement, white cement high grade lime supplement and additive, dry mixed product for use over Superbuild Render, Superbase Render and Superskim Render. Supercoat™ Supersponge is a render mix designed to allow surface sponging and removal of the top layer of cement particles without causing the remaining sandy surface to become powdery and crumbly. The Supercoat™ Supersponge is available in 1mm or 2mm graded sand aggregates to give a fine roughness, without too many visible sand protrusions.


Supercoat™ Supersmooth

Supercoat™ Supersmooth Lime Plaster Finish is a natural lime, fine finishing plaster for interior and exterior use, containing fine sand, high grade hydrated lime products, hydraulic bonding agents and additives. Supercoat™ Supersmooth can be applied in multiple coats over Supercoat™ Superbuild, Superbase or Superskim Renders when a smooth finish is desired. These base coats should be sealed using Supercoat™ Surface Sealer prior to applying the Supercoat™ Supersmooth. Apply Supercoat™ Supersmooth over the Supercoat™ Superbuild, Superbase or Superskim Renders at 2 - 3mm using a steel trowel, normally applied in 2 - 3 tight coats depending on desired finish. Supercoat™ Supersmooth may be applied as a smooth finish or alternatively applied in a ‘skip’ trowel or brushed method resulting in a hand applied and/or rustic texture.


The Supercoat™ Supersmooth plaster will require a Supercoat™ “breathable” paint system to ensure weather tightness is achieved, ensure that 1 coat of Supercoat™ Surface Sealer is applied prior to applying the finishing paint coats.



Supercoat Texture Finish

Superadobe Finish

Supersponge Finish